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You're About to Learn the SECRETS of How a Former Nurse Cured Herself with Her Raw Food Diet Cure of All Her Health Problems FAST! - That Most People Will Never Know! 


- Including Breast Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, GERD - Acid Reflux, Digestive Problems, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Sinus Infections, Gum Disease, Chronic Gum Infections, Chronic Canker Sores, Chronic Fatigue, Sleeping Problems, Celiac Disease, Pounding Headaches, Aching Joints, Aching Muscles, Aches and Pains All Over and More!

-And You Can Get Started in Just 2 Minutes from Now! 


 raw food diet cure

"My Raw Food Diet Cure and Secrets!"


Dear Friend:  A few years ago I suffered daily from a long list of horrible ailments and miserable health problems including all of the above and invasive, infiltrating intraductal breast cancer. The day I was diagnosed with breast cancer it was absolutely terrifying! At the time, it was the worst day in my life! I turned down all the conventional treatment the doctors insisted on (heavy-duty chemo, harmful radiation, risky surgery and five years of dangerous Tamoxifen) and immediately knew what I was going to do -STOP EATING DEAD COOKED FOODS and start eating living plant foods- foods that are ALIVE not dead!


-- Give my body the help it was dying for - begging for! I needed to overcome  breast cancer, fibromyalgia and all the health problems I was suffering from. No more junk food or food with all the nutrients and everything good cooked out of it!


-- So I carefully thought out my own nutrient-rich, raw food diet and treatment program. And almost overnight all my health problems and ailments miraculously disappeared including the invasive breast cancer.


Before discovering raw foods  besides the above list I also had suffered from pneumonia- and was hospitalized with it, strep throat, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, a burned esophagus, Raynaud's Disease, Sjogren's Syndrome and many other conditions.



Although this may be new information for you, thousands of people have cured themselves of a wide range of health problems including all of the above, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease, with raw foods! And it's your right to make choices and decisions about your body. Nothing I eat in my raw food diet is harmful in any way. It cured me and continues to give me superior health after many years of eating living



You may be suffering now as I used to.  If so I know how you feel. I found it hard to enjoy life and have any fun because I FELT so miserable! However I never came across anything that even remotely mentioned eating raw foods even though I read all the women's magazines, food magazines and daily newspapers and had actively working in hospitals and in the health field.


Treatment from my doctors and doctor friends were always prescriptions for drugs and other invasive methods. NEVER any discussion of nutrition or healthy diets - it just never came up.  I know there is a little more emphasis today (but not enough)  on better diets but I know how doctors still continue to prescribe drugs and treatments instead of focusing on nutrition and what's GOOD for the body!


ALL drugs have risks! Many have serious risks! Living food is the answer! Raw food! Food that is growing and alive is loaded with nutrients and phytonutrients and vitamins and minerals and trace minerals and thousands of nutrients that haven't been discovered yet! It seems like common sense to me. Put harmful drugs in the body the body gets worse. Poisoning if you will.  The immune system is further suppressed not BOOSTED as with foods that are alive and going to HELP you get better! Raw foods! And the more of them the better.


You may be relying on drugs, medicines or medications now! 



In my book you'll also learn:


          Raw Food DietRaw food facts - many you've never heard of! p.9


          Raw Food DietAll about enzymes and many secrets you won't know! p.10


          Raw Food Diet The difference between plant enzymes and pancreatic enzymes and which you should use if any!


          Raw Food Diet Why you should never get colonics!


          Raw Food Diet What fruits and vegetables do not have to be organic - save your money!           


          Raw Food Diet My daily menu that keeps me healthy -exactly what I eat and when and why!


          Raw Food Diet My big secret to avoid cravings! p. 31



          Raw Food Diet How to get any equipment cheap although you need very little!


          Raw Food Diet Why you should never go on water fasts!


          Raw Food Diet The disease that may be causing your health problems now and many of you reading this have it and don't know it! p. 39


          Raw Food Diet The truth about raw food potlucks - this will make many raw fooders mad! p. 41


          Raw Food Diet Where I shop and what I buy! p. 29


          Raw Food Diet What I accidentally discovered about the cause of chronic sinus infections! This has helped many!




raw food dietraw food dietraw food diet  A Natural Raw Food Diet Detox


A raw food diet is a natural detox diet. You get rid of poisons and toxins without exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals, Chinese herbs, irritating barks and detox products.


          With "My Raw Food Diet Cure and Secrets" There Are:


          Raw Food DietNo pills to buy!


          Raw Food DietNo supplements to buy!


          Raw Food DietNo products to buy!


          Raw Food DietNo cleanses to buy!


          Raw Food DietNo shakes or protein shakes to buy!


          Raw Food DietNo green powders to buy!



A Raw Food Diet is the best Natural Diet When It's Done the Right Way!



My raw food vegan diet focuses on eating, healing and curing yourself NATURALLY! Being as healthy as you can be by using nature's living foods, without harming yourself in any way.


          Raw Food DietNo Dangerous Fasting!


          Raw Food DietNo Water Fasts!


          Raw Food DietNo Unnatural Internal Cleansing!


          Raw Food DietNo Starvation!


          Raw Food DietNo Giving Up Comfort Foods!


          Raw Food DietNothing Controversial!


Dozens of my own hints, tips and secrets you can get NOW! - Most of my secrets and tips you won't have ever heard of before, tapping my long experience in the medical profession, my many years of experience with nutrition and raw and living foods.   I've also included the tips I've shared when I've spoken to dozens of groups about my health and breast cancer experiences.


          Raw Food DietNo 'way out' or wild ideas or hard-to-find foods!


          Raw Food DietSimple, easy-to-understand, no matter even if you don't know what raw foods are!


          Raw Food DietWritten for the newbie as well as the seasoned raw fooder!


If you're familiar with raw food guru claims, you'll find I have some totally different, healthy, natural easy-to-implement ideas too!  


Here Are Just Some Of The Benefits I Experienced Eating Raw Foods ! And You May Too!


          Raw Food DietA Natural Raw Food Weight Loss Diet - I Lost Weight Fast, Safely - while still eating the healthiest diet on the planet - many others lose weight this way too!


          Raw Food DietNeed Less Sleep! I Sleep 5 Hours a Night!


          Raw Food DietGo To Sleep Easily! No Nagging Aches and Pains!


          Raw Food DietWake Up Refreshed! Ready To Go! Look Forward to a Pain-Free day!


          Raw Food DietNo Falling Asleep In The Middle of The Day!


          Raw Food DietStop Needing Naps!


          Raw Food DietHave Boundless Energy, Feel Energetic, Full Of Life And Ready To Go Every Day!


          Raw Food DietStop Tiring Easily! Even With Physical Activities!


          Raw Food DietStop Craving The Wrong Foods, Bad Food Cravings Disappear!


          Raw Food DietNo Tedious, Rigid, Inflexible Menus!


          Raw Food DietAn End To Colds And The Flu! - I'm never sick no matter what's going around!


          Raw Food DietInfections and injuries Just Heal Faster!


          Raw Food DietArthritic Joints  Stop Hurting And Arthritis May Disappear!


          Raw Food DietFeel Less Depressed and Able To Handle Daily Worries Better!


          Raw Food DietPainful Digestive Problems And Heartburn Clear Up Fast and Don't Return!


          Raw Food DietMysterious Aches and Pains Disappear!         


          Raw Food DietJust Feel Happy and ALIVE Most Days!


          Raw Food DietMany Long Standing Health Problems, Ailments and Conditions Can Just Disappear!


These are just a few of the benefits I experienced eating raw foods! YOU may have the same or a different experience. There is no intent here to mislead you in any way.  Eating raw foods can only be good for the body. No health professional can dispute that! 




Again the diseases, ailments and conditions that I got rid of are: breast cancer, fibromyalgia, acid reflux, GERD, heartburn, digestive problems, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, celiac disease, chronic sinus infections, gum disease, chronic gum infections, chronic canker sores, headaches, aching joints, aching muscles, assorted mysterious aches and pains, Raynaud's disease, Sjogren's syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, periodic colds and flus, changing eyeglasses prescriptions annually, chronic fatigue, shingles recurrence, cold sores, nightmares/bad dreams and probably more I've forgotten about!


Raw Food Diets Have Shown Dramatic Results For Obesity and Many Heart Conditions Including Coronary Artery Disease, other types of Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure Issues and High Cholesterol problems – You MAY Be Able To Get Rid Of Some Or All Of Your Expensive Meds if you take any! – Check With Your Doctor First Before Giving Up Any Meds though!


You can enjoy and benefit from a raw food diet no matter how young or old you are. Many teens and older folks have adopted raw foods and a raw food diet permanently.


"My Raw Food Diet Cure and Secrets!"  Also Gives You


          Raw Food DietMore than 60 Pages of My Best Raw Food Tips and Secrets!


  Raw Food DietAnd A Bonus of 6 Easy Raw Food Recipes, completely detailed with comments, You'll Love, That I Developed and Use Every Day!



I can't claim to cure you nor do I want to but I can claim that I cured myself.  Even though I've seen the positive results from my own experience and that so many people have had by eating raw foods I don't know what your results will be.  A raw food diet is never the same for any two people. And there are literally dozens of ways to eat a raw food diet.


If you want to enjoy superior health like I do then get my raw food diet book and start right now on the path to superior health. My ebook is only $17 for a short period of time.  The price will be going up soon so get it now before it does.  We're working on it. You'd pay a lot more for expensive health and diet programs that don't work because they're short-term fixes. And none of them focus on living foofs- raw foods!


See how I do it and what you can do to stop hurting, stop suffering and feel better almost immediately! Even if you're in good health everyone tells me that they feel better too after they start to eat the right living foods. You can have my book in your hands - Just 2 Minutes From Now! You Can Do It too!

raw food diet cure



"My Raw Food Diet Cure and Secrets!" 




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To Your Superior Health!


Helen Hecker R. N.


raw food diet cureraw food dietraw food diet




P. S.  I have an easy 30-day 100% money-back guarantee if you're not happy in any way. So nothing to worry about!


P.S.S. Get started today - it's easy! - Stop suffering and enjoy superior health like I do!  You can turn your life around NOW like I did! 



Make sure to check with your doctor or health professional before making any dietary changes.


(Side note for those with breast cancer: I'm working on a book with my self-designed breast cancer program which incorporates all of the diet in this book but is more intense and there are other facets or elements to my breast cancer cure that would only confuse the subject of this ebook. However you can still benefit from my raw food diet book in many ways.)





raw food dietraw food dietraw food dietraw food dietraw food dietraw food diet



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